[Download] Mariah Coz – The Accelerator Program

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[Download] Mariah Coz – The Accelerator Program

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Download The Accelerator Program By Mariah Coz
How to Create a Full Time Income With Online Courses
Watch the Exclusive, Advanced Training with Mariah Coz

Learn our 3-Part Framework for consistant, year-round course sales without the feast and famine.
Watch the replay of the private training and Q&A below before it expires!

Accelerator Q & A Session

Got questions about the Accelerator program? My actual Accelerator clients and I answer the most common questions we get from soon-to-be clients in the video here, and they share about their experiences in the program.

You can also just shoot us a message using the chat function in the lower right hand corner of this page!

(Don’t worry – we’ll get your message even if we’re offline and get back to you ASAP!)!

Build your profitable, evergreen online course empire, without the feast & famine or hustle.

You are done trading hours for dollars, capping your income with 1:1 client work, and living with that nagging feeling that you are meant to impact so many more people.
Because today is the day you decide that you are a Course Creator building an Online Course Empire that is designed to perfectly suit your personality, your strengths, your income goals and your lifestyle.
Finally, you can get EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) you need to build your 6-7 figure course empire, in one place. This is the program where you will master the entire holistic ecosystem of a 6-7 figure course business.
No more piecing together random strategies from 10 different places and hoping it works, barely moving the needle and feeling more confused than before.
It’s time to become the architect of your life and business.

Strategic simplicity.

There’s a lot of moving parts to an online course business. Webinars, launches, evergreen funnels, and oh yeah …actually running the course! It’s a lot to wrap your head around, but there’s no reason for it to be so complicated.

And definitely no reason to do it alone.

The Accelerator is our ‘do it together’ group coaching program for self-motivated entrepreneurs who want to create an online course business – the simple way.

We’ve helped hundreds of our clients escape the feast or famine, generate consistent sales, and make more money teaching what they love.

Now, it’s your turn.

We’ve developed the simplest path to creating and launching your course business, and building the evergreen sales systems for year-round, consistent profits.

You’ve been thinking about launching your online course business for months or even years, but have struggled to get it off the ground.
You are maxed out with clients, coaching or freelancing, providing services and know you need a scalable income stream to break free of your current plateau.
You dream about the freedom and impact that comes with being a ‘celebrity’ course creator in your niche, but you don’t even know where to start!
You want a course business – with minimal overhead, something designed around YOUR lifestyle and your unique personality, but you keep putting it off to finish ‘just one more client project’ (even though you know deep down, the only way to break out of that vicious cycle is to create a course!)
Maybe you already have a course business…but it’s barely growing and you are tired of trying to piece together random marketing strategies. You want to scale to 6 or even 7 figures. You just want a solid plan that has worked for hundreds of course creators before you!

You just want someone to hand you the WHOLE blueprint for building a successful, thriving, online course empire without the messing around and guesswork.

It’s time to build a thriving, sustainable online course empire that grows month after month.
By implementing our strategic ecosystem of launches, automated evergreen funnels,
list building and webinars.
The Accelerator is like an MBA for course creators.

Look, I know you’ve read the blogs and eBooks about how to create a profitable, evergreen online course business – but you feel more confused than ever, trying to piece together how to create a course, launch, and building an evergreen funnel on your own, with no help.

You’re committed to making it happen! You want this course dream to be your reality. But you are overwhelmed by conflicting information and too many things you “could” do.

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step in order, and that you had a community of incredible, ambitious humans like you to support you on this journey.

You need the training, tools, templates and support from someone who has done this with hundreds of clients over years and years…

Oh hi … that’s me! I’m Mariah, and I’m here to help you build a thriving, consistently profitable course business without the feast and famine or the hustle.

Imagine what it will feel like when you finally create and launch your course, seeing your happy students chatting in your community and seeing the payments come in as you provide value in your course group.

Imagine what you’re going to feel like once you’ve set up your own automated evergreen funnel system, perfected your online course delivery, have a proven plan for sustainable growth every month, and are finally feeling truly FREE every day.

You wake up and see an email from another student who tells you that your course completely changed their life, thanking you for making your work available online!
You get to take a few weeks off with your family over the summer without worrying about your revenue dropping, because your Evergreen Engine is humming along all the time.
Your friends and family tell you that you just seem more confident in yourself, and you finally feel that deep fulfillment from your work, knowing you are impacting people all over the world (even though you work from home in your PJs!)
Whether you want to travel the world (like our client Paige), make more money than you could imagine while working part time hours and focusing on your family (Like our client Abbey) or take 6+ months off every year to go hiking and adventuring (like our client Becca), an online course business allows you to design your life around you.

“My evergreen funnel does $60k/month without ads. And I had a $211k launch! Mariah Coz is the real deal. I’ve literally made hundreds of thousands of dollars on my courses implementing her ideas!”


“I wanted to set up a funnel because I wanted my audience to have the option to get into my courses in between the regular enrollment periods in case they found me or are looking for the answers in my course right away! My funnel has a 3.91% conversion rate and easily adds another $10k to my income every month. Mariah’s funnel plan just works! It’s absolutely amazing to be on vacation for weeks at a time and check in on my business to see that it’s both serving students well and bringing in a great income in the process, all while I have the freedom to be off doing something I love, traveling!”


“I just tallied up all our sales since we launched [our evergreen funnel] last year, and so far we’ve brought in over $100k, with an average of $12k/month over the last 5 months. The BEST part about this was that I have been traveling my butt off for the past 5 months! I spent 2 months in my camper van in BC, hiked over 350km on 4 different multi-day backpacking trips where I was TOTALLY offline, spent a week in Vegas with family, ALL while I was traveling and living my best life
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