Dan Lok – High Income Copywriter - Full course for $50

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Dan Lok – High Income Copywriter - Full course for $50

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About the course:

High Income Copywriter by Dan Lok

Here’s What You’re Getting in High Income Copywriter
The Complete 7 Week High-Income Copywriter™ Certification Program – This program is the fastest, easiest way to become a highly paid and in-demand High-Income Copywriter™ – even if you have no experience, degree, or even if you speak broken English like me.
FREE Gift #1: My Personal, $250 Million Dollar Swipe File ($5,000 Value)
FREE Gift #2: 11 Breakdowns Of The Most Successful Ads And Emails From Some Of The Most Profitable Product Launches In The World ($1,100 Value)
FREE Gift #3: 300 Fill In The Blank Headline Templates ($300 Value)
FREE Gift #4: Instant Subject Lines ($100 Value)
FREE Gift #5: The Complete Compliance Checklist To Scale Without Getting Your Ads Shut Down ($499 Value)
FREE Gift #6: The Top-Secret Sales Letter Checklist Of Million Dollar Copywriters! ($799 Value)
FREE Gift #7: 175 Power Words That Motivate People To Buy ($175 Value)
FREE Gift #8: The 10 ORIGINAL Sales Letters Of My First Copywriting Mentor, Alan Jacques ($2,499 Value)

What is High Income Copywriting?
High Income Copywriting is closing in print, which essentially means to use written words to generate leads and sales. It is a high income skill, used often by introverts, to start and enhance or extend a relationship with a customer that includes salesmanship in print.

Its primary purpose is to sell, so to be a good copywriter, you need to have an understanding of sales, marketing and human psychology.

Copywriting is broadly used for landing pages, direct mail campaigns, sales pages, printed advertising, infomercials, social media pages, and e-commerce platforms.

Why is high income copywriter important? How does it relate to making money?
Think about high income copywriting as more than just the words on a web page. Every email you send out, every web page that you create, every social media post that you publish, every infomercial that you see and even a video sales letter (VSL) is all copywriting. Anything that is involved with closing using the written word on a very massive scale is high income copywriting.

Closing in print is about communication, not just writing. Effective communication equals wealth. Think of all the forms of communication skills, like sales. Sales is the number one ability that an entrepreneur needs to be successful in any business. Business copywriting, which is closing a sale in print, is one of the most valuable communication skills to have because it is influential and can generate millions of dollars.

Gary C. Halbert, author of The Boron Letters, is arguably one of the greatest copywriters of all time. 10-20 years ago, Gary was charging $15,000 to write a letter, plus royalties. His company was mailing millions of physical pieces of direct mail every year. You can assume that if your copy doesn’t work, you can’t mail that many pieces. So he was a copywriter who clearly honed his craft.

Successful entrepreneurs are great at selling to any number of prospects. If you can sell 1-on-1, you can easily develop that skill so you can sell 1-to-many.

The more people you communicate with and deliver your value to, the more money you can make. So if you’re selling 1-on-1, your ratio is limited to 1-on-1. If you’re selling to 1-to-50 or 100 people your ratio is 1-to-100. In copywriting, your ratio is 1 to thousands. Plus your copy is selling and closing your products or services 24/7 on your website without you being physically present. Written words have this much power and influence because of leverage.

Every business needs copywriters. In fact, many popular brands have their success because of the copywriters they’ve hired. Copywriters have boosted small businesses into big enterprises.

Entrepreneurs and business owners who don’t excel at copywriting can hire or outsource a copywriter, but it’s still very important to have a strong understanding of what copywriting is, because that is what sells your products and services. The way that you write, communicate, and articulate your marketing message can make the difference between a product selling for $10,000, and the exact same product with a different message, selling for a million dollars.

You don’t have to be a master copywriter, but by having a strong understanding, you can make some small – but significant – changes to your copy. This could be the subject line, headline or call to action. Even with the same amount of effort, money, and traffic, you are able to get 2-3x more results with that change.

It is very valuable to be able to look at what makes copy actually work and convert.

This means you have to constantly test your material – sometimes based on certain assumptions – by publishing, editing them and seeing what works. The great thing now about the Internet is that you can quickly see the performance results of your copy with several tracking software. With the availability of advanced online platforms now, it is easier for you to monitor and know exactly what’s happening to your sales.

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